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Free hosting providers for front-end & back-end apps

Free hosting providers for front-end & back-end apps

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Akshay Sushir
·Jul 16, 2022·

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Hi 👋! As a software developer we always need some platform to test and deploy our code, either it's front end app or a back end application. Today I will share free hosting platform list so you guys can enjoy free hosting services to test and deploy your code without paying 💰 anything.

Freemium Resources

  • Heroku - heroku.com - Deploying Front & Backend

  • Netlify - netlify.com - Deploy Frontend app (React, Vue, jamstack, Gatsby)

  • Github pages

  • Vercel (Zeit) - vercel.com - Deploying Front & Backend apps at free of cost

  • Firebase - firebase.com - Deploying Front & Backend apps at free of cost

  • Surge - surge.sh

  • Render - render.com

  • Hostman - hostman.com - free for frontend always, pay only for backend apps. (free credits will also there for you)

  • Glitch - glitch.com - Deploying Front & Backend apps at free of cost

  • Deno deploy - deno.com/deploy - Site for deploying for apps created using deno.

  • Fly - fly.io - Deploying Front & Backend apps at free of cost

  • Fleek - fleek.co

  • Begin - begin.com

  • Stormkit - stormkit.io - Deploying Front & Backend apps at free of cost

  • Deta - deta.sh - Deploying Node.js and Python apps and APIs. They support most web frameworks like Express, Koa, Flask, and FastAPI. They also provide a very fast and powerful NoSQL database for free. (updated)

  • Commonshot - commons.host - Static web hosting and CDN.

  • Heliohost - heliohost.org - PHP, Ruby on rails, perl, django, java(jsp)

  • Fast - fast.io

  • kintohub - kintohub.com - supports the static site, web app, backend apps. (updated)

  • Hubspot - hubspot.com - CRM tool for marketing, sales, content management, and customer service

  • Torus.host - torus.host - needs an aws account.

  • Bip - bip.sh - Static web hosting provider (updated)

  • Cloudflare pages - pages.cloudflare.com - Static frontend hosting provider

  • Qoddi - qoddi.com - PaaS App Hosting Platform

  • We can use Github pages, Gitlab, Bitbucket to deploy static web pages!

Premium cloud hosting providers

  • AWS
  • GCP
  • Digital Ocean
  • Microsoft Azure
  • Vultr
  • Alibaba Cloud
  • Linode

Final thoughts

I'm mostly use VERCEL for any front-end application as well as medium-level backend apps.

Use HEROKU for any back-end applications. If you want add authentication in your app then Firebase is best choice, it does not require any credit card to create account. You can use your google account to login. I've some React / Node.js apps running on Firebase and it's very easy to manage.

Other websites are also useful when you are deploying static sites. But I recommend you to go through each website and find which one suits your project.

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